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Floresco Testimonials

“I'm now around 11 or 12 weeks in and my current weight loss is now 8.3kg (or for you old fashioned types 1.4 stone!) I am so proud/pleased/happy with the results and I am determined to keep going until I reach my target.


Thank you Bev for your support and believing in me, truly, if I can do it...........anyone can !!!”


Pete, Cambs

"Your assistance in my goal to lose weight has been invaluable.  Your nutritional advice and mentoring have helped me to lose 6.5Kg up to now and I know I will continue to lose weight as long as I stick to the plan you tailored to myself. After years of putting on the pounds, I now feel in control of my weight once again and you have been the catalyst to this achievement. Many thanks for your continued help and support."


Paul, Cambridgeshire

"Today I had a coaching call with Bev.  Absolutely fantastic and such clear and common sense support and advice."


Michelle, Buckinghamshire

"Bev’s advice and checking in has been invaluable as a motivator and given me accountability too.

I feel so much better in myself with more energy and my clothes are fitting better too!

Thanks so much for helping to activate me on my fitness journey."


Ruth, New Mexico

"Thank you Bev for a brilliant online coaching session today.  I feel that you answered all the questions I had, and that you made me realise that we are all individuals and just a few small tweaks will help me achieve the results I want.

Thank you again Bev I really enjoyed our chat."


Polly, Tyne and Wear

Bev's support has been amazing! The weekly feedback reports give me a chance to reflect on what's gone well and to think about what I have struggled with and Bev will then respond with ideas, suggestions, recipes and bucket loads of encouragement!


So, 7 weeks on I'm 10lb lighter, am actually enjoying the exercise and loving trying new foods, and re-discovering how easy and satisfying it is to cook from scratch – I've ditched the jars!


There were moments when I was sceptical. There was no way I'd have time to cook a breakfast in the morning but you know what – it really doesn't take long to throw an omelette, smoothie or pancake together.  The joy of feeling full and not reaching for the biscuits or crisps mid morning is a huge eye-opener!


So, cheers Bev, thank you seems inadequate and here's to the next 7 weeks, 7 months, 7 years - a lifetime of healthy choices!


Gail, Lincolnshire

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