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Generation Exceptional Episode 2 - Forget Fad Diets - Follow 5 Simple Diet Principles


In this episode I cover the difference between Diet Methods and Principles, and explain why implementing 5 simple principles is the key to successful long term weight management.


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Generation Exceptional Episode 1 - Uncharted Territory


In this, my very first ever podcast, I introduce you to me, Bev Thorogood, and tell you a little bit about my journey.


I talk about how hitting 50 was a turning point in my life and how as an early Generation Xer I'm determined to enter my later years as Generation Exceptional!


Why Generation Exceptional?

Stuck somewhere between the affluent Baby Boomers and the high maintenance Millennials are a somewhat 'forgotten' generation.  The Generation X!


Those of us born between 1964/5 and 1984/5 make up the Generation Xers.


We're stressed, we're sandwiched between looking after aging Boomers and supporting our stay-at-home-for-as-long-as-possible Millennials BUT we are coming into our own and doing some exceptional things.


Join me as I explore and celebrate this UNFORGOTTEN GENERATION!

Generation Exceptional Episode 3 - Interview with Michelle Green - Style Blogger


In this episode I'm chatting to fellow 50-something, Michelle, a mum, wife, style guru and blogger.  We discuss empty nests and finding our own style as we head through midlife.


You can find Michelle's blog at or follow her on Instagram at fifty_andfab.


Also, if you fancy joining a fabulous community of Generation Xers all looking to be the best version of themselves they can be, come and join my facebook group Fifty, Fit and Fabulous

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