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Beginner's Guide to Habit Change

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I created my Beginners Guide to Habit Change, to help as many people as possible grasp the basics of how to set about changing those deep-rooted bad habits that constantly have us reverting back to old ways despite our best efforts, enormous amounts of will power and tremendous self-discipline.


The truth is, habits aren't easy to change.  You can't just rely on will-power forever.  Eventually those old habits creep back in and leave you feeling frustrated, weak and often like a complete failure.  


But, it's really not your fault.  The body will always look for the path of least resistance and you're trying to undo habits that, quite frankly,  the brain doesn't want you to change!


So what's the solution?


In my FREE eBook I teach you my simple, 3 stage process, that will ensure you can understand how habits are formed and switch those bad habits for good ones forever!  What's more,  you can apply this simple formula over and over again, no matter what the habit is!


Developed using the habit change principles created by the Pullizer prize winning author Charles Duhigg, this simple guide will teach you the skills you need to develop long term habit changes that will enable you to make healthier choices and improve your fitness and nutrition forever.