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Floresco Diamond Programme

The Floresco Diamond programme is a 12 week personalised habit change programme.  


It includes a thorough analysis of your current lifestyle including eating habits, activity, work patterns, domestic commitments, hobbies, stress and sleep patterns.  


Based on this analysis the coaching guides you through a habit change programme that works with your lifestyle, whether your goals are weight loss, improved health, more energy or even weight gain.


You will learn how to make sustainable, long term changes that will give you more energy, increase your vitality and improve your health markers.  You will learn how to eat a healthier diet without having to resort to restrictive, bland, unsustainable fad diets.  


You will improve your knowledge of what a healthy, balanced lifestyle looks and feels like so you can finally take control of your own wellbeing.  


Enjoy the benefits of a pesonal trainer without the constraints of fitting into their schedule.  Plan your workouts around your schedule instead.

Floresco Diamond 12 week personal habit coaching programme - £375



What's included:


  • Full nutritional and lifestyle analysis.

  • Personally calculated, calorie controlled diet programme tailored to your individual situation.

  • 30 minute monthly video-call check in.

  • A weekly email check in and action plan based around your specific goals.

  • 3 x 4 week workout programmes suitable for home or gym designed around your fitness goals.


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