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About Floresco Health and Lifestyle Coaching

Hi, I’m Bev Thorogood, welcome to Floresco Health and Lifestyle Coaching.


If you're anything like me you’ve no doubt spent years feeling unhappy with your body, comparing yourself to others and believing if you didn't look like a movie star then who on earth could ever truly find you sexy!!


You too may have spent years on diets, seeking THE one magic formula that would give you THAT body, make you feel sexy as hell and happy for the rest of your life.


Add peri-menopause into the mix, with the hot flushes, night sweats and brain fog and you can really start to feel like life is hardly worth getting out of bed for.


Thankfully, I found the answer to feeling and looking good and NOT suffering with all those awful menopause symptoms.

My turn around started in January 2016 when I hit my half century. 50! It felt like I was galloping towards old age and it terrified me. I was 3 stone overweight, felt fat, unfit and frumpy. I had resigned to getting old and it seemed like creaking joints, an aching back and the onset of the menopause were all I had to look forward to.


I hated what I saw when I looked in the mirror. My confidence was at an all time low, then the hot flushes and night sweats kicked in and I just felt dreadful.


I'd tried just about every diet going but nothing worked long term. I needed something different but I was totally confused by all the options and contradictions within the diet and fitness media.


I'd qualified as a fitness instructor, specialising in Exercise to Music, in the mid 90s. I'd spent over 15 years teaching classes. I'd done endurance walks, half marathons, spent years playing squash and going to circuit training classes. I felt I should know it all. I certainly shouldn't have been the fat, frumpty, unfit fifty year old woman I'd become.


I embarked on a 12-week programme and saw amazing changes but at the end of the 12 weeks I once again felt left adrift. I didn't know how to move forward and maintain the success I'd had. I enrolled a second time but the programme was very restrictive and hard going, I couldn't stick with the strict regimen a second time. I enrolled on a different 12 week programme, had good results but again felt adrift at the end of it. I needed a more permanent solution.

Over that 12 months I began to study nutrition and exercise again, reigniting the passion I'd had in the 90s for learning the 'sciency' stuff. I amazed myself by how much I still knew but was shocked by how much science had moved on.


I'd lost 10kg and dropped 2 dress sizes but I needed to know what to do to ensure I never became the fat, frumpy, fifty year old I'd left behind. I read about habit and behaviour change and read about mindset. I learned that diet and exercise alone are not the answer to long term success. I realised that unless we get our head in the right place, we will never be truly able to sustain long term change.

One thing I hadn't expected as I changed my diet and exercise habits, was that my menopausal symptoms would pretty much disappear!  I haven't had a hot flush in nearly 2 years!  


In Apr 2017 I enrolled on a personal trainer course and started my journey towards a career helping other people, just like me, find a way to embrace middle age, feel sexy and learn to love the body they have.  I've since trained with one of the leading Nutrition Coaching companies in the World, Precision Nutrition and gained my L1 PN Certification and am currently working through the Master Health Coach Program.


I want to share all the knowledge I've gained in over 20 years being involved in the fitness industry and show other people, just like me, that small, consistent changes over time can lead to big results and long-term, sustainable weight loss.  When we stop focusing simply on the food and start to look holistically at our overall health and wellness great things can happen.


I want to help you realise that you don't have to get it right all the time and that that's ok.  Consistent, small changes - not perfection - are the key to success.

Bev Thorogood is a Precision Nutrition Certified Nutrition Coach (PN1), a Level 3 qualified personal trainer and behaviour change coach and is qualified to teach exercise to music, circuit training and Boxercise (tm).


She has a bachelors degree in Business and Enterprise, is qualified to Level 4 in both adult education (PTTLS) and Information, Advice and Guidance and continues to develop her own lifelong learning.

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