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Floresco is owned and managed by Bev Thorogood based in Morton near Bourne in South Lincolnshire

  • Manage Your Menopause Naturally?

  • Eliminate night sweats, flushes and brain fog?

  • Eat well without giving up all your favourite foods?

  • Reduce stress and sleep better?

  • Look and feel great in whatever you wear?

  • Reduce the risk of weight related illness such as Type II diabetes and heart disease?

  • Fit exercise and activity you really enjoy into your busy week?

  • Get off the diet merry-go-round once and for all?

Would you like to...

Peri-menopause can seriously upset our ability to enjoy midlife.  


But with some simple habit changes, a few tweaks to our nutrition and activity levels and the tools to manage our stress it most certainly IS possible to get through this phase of life without all the associated discomfort.


As a Health and Lifestyle Coach I help you to fit these habit changes easily into YOUR busy lifestyle, I'll show you how you can eat well while still enjoying the foods you love.  No foods are off the menu and you can even still enjoy the odd tipple!


I'll help you to improve your energy levels, reduce your stress, and regain your get up and go.


I'll help you to cut through all the confusion of the diet industry so you can know you're making the very best choices.


I'll share hints and tips on how to eat well without spending hours in the kitchen.


Through my habit change coaching programmes I’m able to help my clients to feel better, look better and rediscover their joie de vivre!


No fad diets or restrictive meal plans, no magic pills or meal replacement shakes, I work with your personal likes and dislikes to find a way of eating and getting active that is sustainable, enjoyable and gets you the long term results you deserve.  




I help you to find ways to incorporate activities you enjoy into your busy day to improve fitness and energy levels.


You are a unique individual, with a unique lifestyle.  I can help you find the unique solution to help you reach your body goals.

Bev’s advice and checking in has been invaluable as a motivator and given me accountability too. I feel so much better in myself with more energy and my clothes are fitting better too!

Thanks so much for helping to activate me on my fitness journey.

                                                                - Ruth, New Mexico

There's no secret, no magic pills or potions, just 3 very simple, very actionable strategies that you can put in place immediately to start to feel like your old self again.


Get rid of night sweats, hot flushes, poor sleep and weight gain naturally.

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Then I have the perfect solution!



Why not come and join our wonderful Facebook Community, Fifty, Fit and Fabulous.


It's full of inspiration, motivation, information and lots of help and support whether you're past you half century or still heading towards it.


Full of like minded friends, Fifty, Fit and Fabulous is like a cosy little coffee shop where mates drop in and out to share their stories, successes and bits of healthy gossip!


It really doesn't matter if you're 50 or not or even or even if you don't think you're fit!  


You'll be welcomed anyway :)


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Take Control of Your Menopause today!